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Safer, more productive world - faster!

The mission of Deepen AI is to deliver a best in class full suite of AI powered tools to optimize the workflow for autonomous robotics development. Our target domain includes autonomous driving, robots, IoT, augmented and mixed reality, HD maps, smart cities, and much more. We are passionate and laser focused in our determination to enable a fully autonomous world - faster!



We are all in this company to build something useful and have fun doing it. Our team dynamics are critical. People should feel respected, appreciated, and heard at all times. Being heard does not mean that people do what you want - it means that they listen to your point of view and you feel they understood what you are trying to say. We expect everyone on the team to be mature, responsible, respectful and professional. We want to work with people we trust to do the right thing without being told.



All team members will have equity in the company. We will all be co-owners. This is not a family. We are closer to a sports team than a family. Family membership is a birthright. Sports team membership is not. All members on a sports team need to coordinate and work well together to achieve the desired results. When a member is not able or does not want to perform, the whole team will suffer so we need to take action quickly and fairly.



Don’t waste resources, use the cheapest best option available that meets the requirements of what you need done. Scrappy is not cheap just innovative and focused on meeting the requirements with the most minimal cost possible (not the absolute minimum cost).



Lack of transparency & hidden agendas is detrimental to a company. We should have leadership that is accountable to keep everyone updated about direction, vision, mission and high level strategy at all times.


Live your boosted life

There’s life at work and life outside of work. We want everyone to be healthy, travel often, get time to give back, and have the financial resources and support they need.

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