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Annotate 150+ million point point-clouds with our semantic segmentation annotation tool.

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Sensor Fusion LiDAR

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LiDAR annotation key features

Fused Cloud

Once the Fused cloud is selected, the accumulated points in the lidar will be shown in the current frame. The points will be shown only for the frames which are preloaded


View selected labels across all frames - side view, front view and back view. Can also be directly edited on the go.

Frames Classification

Pre-label up to 80 common classes automatically by clicking on auto-label. Improve your productivity by 7x.

Made with high throughput and enterprise scale in mind

Quick integration

Drag and drop raw data into the tool or use our secure APIs to integrate the data labeling platform with your ML pipelines.

Simple project setup

Configure labeling tasks and set up custom workflows for all your different projects or use our tried and tested built-in workflows.

Complete Quality Control

Our suite of QC tools and workflow like sampling and comments will easily verify the quality of labeled data to maintain the highest standard.

Manage your team with ease

Assign and manage multiple workforces on a single, web-based platform, ensuring that your data labeling pipelines are more predictable.

Easy Tracking and Monitoring

Track your annotation progress and monitor workforce’s productivity through our real-time analytics dashboard. Effortlessly improve data performance via continuous reviews and feedback.

Flexible Deployment and Configurations

On-premises offering for deployment in your cloud infrastructure, on your own virtualized infrastructure, or on your own hardware.

Designed for multiple industries



Autonomous Vehicle




Autonomous Vehicle


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