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Iterate Faster On All Annotation & Validation Needs.

Our Best-In-Class Annotation Tools + Top Offshore Talent = Better Accuracy and Safety, Faster

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Deepen Delivers Annotation Excellence

Our Products and Services

AI powered 2D & 3D Labeling Tools

Powerful web-based tools to complete all your Computer Vision annotation tasks

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Pro and Enterprise Packages

Annotate 3D and sensor fusion datasets,  manage multiple users, get premium support & more

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“Tools + Team” Labeling Service

deepen best-in-class tools + top trained talent deliver annotation excellence.

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Custom Engineering

Tailor-made solutions for industry and case-specific labeling headaches. Including training models and Algorithm licensing

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Data Integrity

Optimized Data Setup, cleaning and pre-processing for your training, validation and deployment needs. Including:

  • Calibration
  • Sync
  • SLAM
  • Ground segmentation
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Deepen Speeds Your Development Process

Frees your team to focus on safety and reliability

Improved accuracy through AI

Handles 2D, 3D, and fused data, sequences or single frames

Frees your team to focus on safety and reliability

Deepen’s Different

100% configurable to your workflow and requirements

Ready for large enterprises and small R&D projects

Match tools to your current sensor set: 2D, 3D, or fused

Mix and match components – use ours or your own

Deepen can run on your favorite cloud, or on-premise

We can do it all for you, or just supply tools to your current team

Annotation problems create back eddies and counter-currents in your data flow

Focus on Speed and Safety, Not Annotation Problems

Data loop speed is critical – you need to quickly and accurately label sensor data, train your systems, and deploy. But most data cycles are cobbled together, with siloed teams using inconsistent tools, creating friction and delays.

Deepen streamlines the data cycle and improves accuracy, so you can iterate faster and get safety and reliability to where your need it.

Your Annotation Tools should be as Smart as your on-Vehicle System

Deepen’s unique annotation toolset improves productivity, data quality, and development speed with best-in-class AI. Our best-in-class tools and algorithms technology help make your development process run seamlessly, allowing your team to focus on what matters most.

Choose the Features you need

  • 2D image data labeling
  • Private data
  • Single User
  • 2D image data labelling
  • Private data
  • Multi user
  • AI acceleration
  • Business hours support
  • Sequences
  • Off-shore labelling system
  • 2D image data labeling
  • Private data
  • Multi user
  • AI acceleration
  • Business hours support
  • Sequences
  • 3D sensor fusion
  • On premise or custom
  • Cloud deployment
  • Premium support & assigned customer success manager
  • Custom contracts
  • Off-shore labeling team (optional)