Multi-sensor data labelling tools to accelerate computer vision training for autonomous vehicles, robotics and more.

  • Innovative AI-powered tools
  • Best-in-Class data labelling services
  • Customizable solutions to suit your needs
The only safety-first full AI data tool suite for annotation, calibration & validation


Guaranteed to improve speed and accuracy

  • Manage multiple workforces
  • Fully configurable data export
  • Real-time productivity analytics
  • Built-in QC workflows and tools
  • Flexible delivery, on prem or on cloud
  • Integrate with your existing pipeline anywhere
  • AI-powered point cloud one-click bounding boxes
  • AI-powered point cloud segmentation
  • ML-assisted object detection and tracking
  • Multi-sensor Labelling
  • 2D & 3D bounding boxes
  • Semantic/Instance segmentation paint & brush
  • Point cloud sequence segmentation
  • 2D & 3D point and landmark
  • Lane marking / polyline annotation


Calibrate Sensors for Autonomous Systems with speed and precision

  • Seamlessly visualize & inspect integrity of multi-sensor data
  • Calculate intrinsic & extrinsic calibration parameters in seconds
  • Customizable  to support all calibration types
  • And much more
Sequence data that is already arranged
  • Single frame data PCD
  • ROSbags (Coming soon)
  • JSON variations (coming soon)
  • And much more


Move out of the lab and into production

  • Auto Quality Checker: automatically identify common labelling issues
  • Collaborative Feedback Loop: comments and tagging per annotation to foster collaboration
  • End to end Issues Management: built-in issue tracking and notifications
  • Annotators Performance Monitoring: improve data performance via continuous reviews and feedback.

Data Annotation Services

Labelling accuracy, delivered fast with our team of highly skilled in-house data annotators
  • Manage multiple workforces
  • Fully configurable data export
  • Real-time productivity analytics
  • Built-in QC workflows and tools
  • Flexible delivery, on prem or on cloud
  • Integrate with your existing pipeline anywhere

Deepen Custom Engineering

Bespoke Solutions to the Toughest Problems

Our product and engineering teams can customize our tools and intellectual property to meet customer needs, to integrate them into specific environments, or to adapt them to unusual use cases. Whether you need help with tools, AI models, data annotation/data processing, optimization for edge systems, or something else, we want to help.

Safety Pool

Shared Driving Scenarios and Safety Data for AV Systems

Safety Pool is global initiative to aid the evolution and deployment of safe autonomous driving systems through smart sharing of safety related data and standards. Sponsored by the World Economic Forum, McKinsey & Company, and Deepen, Safety Pool has brought together industry leaders like Denso, Elektrobit, LeddarTech, AVL, and others in an innovative partnership that is shaping the future of the autonomous vehicle industry’s approach to safety.

About Deepen

Founded in 2017, Deepen AI is the only safety-first data lifecycle tools and services company focused on unlocking the potential of machine learning and AI for autonomous systems. Our tools and services are customizable to suit the needs of enterprises as well as start-ups, and we have happy customers of every size across the globe.

In addition to our core business, Deepen AI is enabling safe autonomous vehicles through multi-stakeholder collaborative initiatives. Chief among these is Safety Pool, a global incentive-based brokerage of shared driving scenarios and safety data for autonomous driving systems. We’re also a proud member of ASAM and leader in several OpenX standardization activities including OpenLABEL, openODD, openXOntology, and OpenSCENARIO 2.0.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Deepen AI has satellite offices in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Hyderabad, Munich, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

Our Happy Customer

Deepen has demonstrated true expertise in working with our LiDAR data. They have provided valuable guidance over the taxonomy, customizing their tools and workflow to our ever-evolving data collection platforms, and generating high-quality ground truth. We highly value Deepen as a labelling partner, and I look forward to our continued engagement on future data processing projects

Precisely annotated data is essential during development of our autonomous vehicles and important to verifying their safety. Deepen’s new LiDAR tools have helped improve the speed and accuracy of data annotation, allowing us to iterate even faster.

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