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Let Deepen Accelerate Your computer Vision Project

  • -  Innovative AI-powered Tools
  • -  Best-in-Class Data Labelling Services
  • -  Uniquely Powerful and Customizable Technology

We can improve labelling speed and accuracy of any multi-sensor data -- fused, sequences, or frames - labelling from any sensor -- 2D, 3D, LiDAR, and more

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Advanced 2D and 3D Annotation Tools That Will Accelerate Project Success
  • Improve Accuracy with our Unique AI Technology
  • Annotate Faster with a UX Designed for Speed
  • Flexible Delivery, on Prem or on Cloud
Advanced 2D and 3D Annotation Tools That Will Accelerate Project Success
  • AI-powered Label Suggestions 
  • On-the-fly Class & Attribute Definitions
  • Easy Data Management with JSON I/O
  • 2D to Complex 3D sequence capabilities
  • Object-Level Granularity
  • And Much More
  • UX Designed for Speed and Workflow Integration
  • Role-Based Access Controls
We support all major data formats
  • 3D Bounding Boxes
  • Sensor-Fused Sequences
  • Point Cloud Sequence Segments
  • Polylines
  • 2D Bounding Boxes
  • 2D Bounding Boxes
  • 2D Landmarks and Key Points
Deepen Delivers Powerful Data Integration Tools and Framework
  • Data Integrity Tools
    • Visualize/inspect integrity of data calibration, localization, and synchronization
    • ROS bag import / Deepen format export
  • Data Reporting and Analytics
  • Deepen JSON Format
  • Deepen Safety Pool Ontology/Taxonomy
  • Object-Level Granularity
Deepen Validation Tools Ensure Safety and Reliability in Autonomous Systems
  • AI-powered tools to validate AI models
  • Active learning management
  • And More....

Deepen Annotation Services

Labelling Accuracy, Delivered Fast.
Advanced 2D and 3D Annotation Tools That Will Accelerate Project Success.
  • Dedicated, highly trained team of professional labelers working with Deepen's innovative tools ensures the highest quality at a fair price.
  • Able to handle any kind of sensor data, any kind of labelling tast
  • Fast, flexible and accurate
  • Years of industry experience serving customers from very large automotive
    companies to very small start ups
  • Quality assurance and project management are always included
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Deepen Custom Engineering

Bespoke Solutions to the Toughest Problems
Our product and engineering teams can customize our tools and intellectual property to meet customer needs, to integrate them into specific environments, or to adapt them to unusual use cases. Whether you need help with tools, AI models, data annotation/data processing, optimization for edge systems, or something else, we want to help.
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Safety Pool

Safety Pool: Shared Driving Scenarios and Safety Data for AV Systems

Safety Pool is global initiative to aid the evolution and deployment of safe autonomous driving systems through smart sharing of safety related data and standards. Sponsored by the World Economic Forum, McKinsey & Company, and Deepen, Safety Pool has brought together industry leaders like Danso, Elektrobit, LeddarTech, AVL, and others in an innovative partnership that is shaping the future of the autonomous vehicle industry’s approach to safety.

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About Deepen

Founded by three ex-Googlers in 2017, Deepen is entirely focussed on the intersection of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and autonomous systems.
A global company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Deepen has satellite offices in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Hyderabad, Munich, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.


Timo Rehfeld
Principal Engineer at Daimler

Precisely annotated data is essential during development of our autonomous vehicles and important to verifying their safety. Deepen’s new LiDAR tools have helped improve the speed and accuracy of data annotation, allowing us to iterate even faster.

Pierre Olivier
CTO, Leddartech

Deepen has demonstrated true expertise in working with our LiDAR data. They have provided valuable guidance over the taxonomy, customizing their tools and workflow to our ever-evolving data collection platforms, and generating high-quality ground truth. We highly value Deepen as a labelling partner, and I look forward to our continued engagement on future data processing projects"

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