Software Engineer

at Deepen AI
Salary: 15L-25L, depending on experience
Full Time
We’re looking for passionate and smart Software Engineers to work on an exciting computer vision application.

What might you do, if you’re selected?
● Solve problems, everything at deepen is about solving problems.
● Read research papers filled with mathematical equations and implement them.
● Develop and implement numerical and computer vision algorithms.
● Implement code in Python and C++ in an effective, scalable and performanceefficient manner.

Things we’re expecting from you:
● Very strong in mathematics and computer algorithms.
● Deep understanding of linear algebra, numerical analysis, optimization, computervision, and robotics.
● Passion to solve problems.
● Good understanding and deep knowledge of Python/C++.
● Ability to work in a fast-paced start-up environment.
● Maybe even train your teammates with your smart skills and expertise.

● Work with the smartest minds who worked at Google, Microsoft, MIT, Stanford.
● You’re gonna love this!! Flexible working hours.
● Super cool and smart team to hang out with, with 24X7 flow of geeky jokes.

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