Deepen AI Launches The World's Most Intuitive AI-Powered Annotation Tool

August 27, 2021

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Deepen AI launched their latest offering in the annotation suite - Image and Video annotation tools. Deepen AI's tool comes packed with AI-powered features to reduce annotation time by more than half while maintaining a high level of accuracy - and for a limited time, it is available to everyone for free.

"The demand for high-quality annotated data is increasing rapidly and with our AI-powered easy to use annotation tools, enterprises and individuals can reduce annotation time and effort significantly - while maintaining the highest quality." - Mohammad Musa, CEO and Founder, Deepen AI
"The Deepen tool has allowed our team to create sizable bounding box and segmentation datasets. The tool itself has matured quite a bit and the support team has been proactive in debugging and helping us. It has been a pleasure working with Deepen." - Carter Tiernan, Machine Learning Engineer

Right from collecting data and uploading them onto an annotation tool to quality control and task management - Data annotation is an arduous, yet critical task for advancing AL and MI algorithms.

Deepen AI's annotation tool solves all these challenges by allowing data to be integrated directly through their secure API. Best-in-class quality control and team management suite allow users to maintain high quality and also track and monitor progress with ease. Deepen AI also offers enterprises flexible options - on-cloud or on-premise to meet all their deployment needs.

Deepen AI's Annotation suite boast of the following features:

  • Pre-labeling - Pre-label up to 80 common classes automatically by clicking on auto-label. Improve your productivity by 7x
  • Super Pixel - ML-assisted segmentation, segment an object with just a few click
  • Object Tracking - Accurate object detection and tracking across frames so you can avoid duplicate effort and save time.
  • Advanced Quality Control - Suite of collaborative automated and manual checkers to easily verify the quality of labeled data

Deepen AI's annotation tools support all types of key cases like:

  • Bounding boxes
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Polylines
  • Scenario labeling
  • Keypoints

Deepen AI's annotation tool is industry agnostic and can be used across all key industries such as Retail, Healthcare, Robotics, Agriculture, Autonomous Vehicles, etc. It is the one tool for all your annotation needs.

Sign-up for a 60-day free trial here. Visit for more information!

About Deepen AI

Deepen AI is a Silicon Valley based startup and the only safety-first data lifecycle tools and services company focused on machine learning and AI for autonomous systems. With tools and services that are customizable to suit the needs of enterprises as well as start-ups they have happy customers of every size across the globe. Visit for more information.


Mohammad Musa, Co-Founder & CEO
+1 (650) 560 -7130


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