Deepen AI brings together the power of sensor calibration and data annotation for large enterprises

June 16, 2023

Sensor calibration is crucial in data labeling for accuracy and consistency. It ensures precise measurements, corrects sensor biases, and enables alignment between sensors. Calibration enhances the reliability of labeled data and improves the performance of machine learning models.

For a limited time, Deepen AI, a leading AI-powered data lifecycle company, will bundle single-target LiDAR/camera and camera/camera calibration tools at no extra charge to large annotation customers. This offer is designed to help organizations streamline their data labeling efforts and enhance the accuracy of their labeling process.

Deepen Calibrate makes the critical task of sensor data calibration simple and quick. Deepen Calibrate manages the complexities of the calibration process, ensuring accuracy and making autonomous and vision systems safer, while also making a job that typically requires the time of a Ph. D-level engineer into something anyone can do. With Deepen Calibrate, enterprises can achieve accurate localization, mapping, sensor fusion perception, and control in minutes rather than hours.

Data labeling, especially for computer vision applications, can be a laborious and time-consuming task. Deepen AI’s AI-powered tools and expert workforce revolutionizes the data labeling process for large enterprises. With Deepen AI's AI-powered easy-to-use annotation and review tools, enterprises can significantly reduce annotation time and effort while ensuring the highest quality standards.

"As data volumes grow, manual labeling becomes increasingly unscalable. Deepen AI's AI-assisted labeling technology addresses this challenge, allowing enterprises to meet the growing demand for high-quality annotated data with ease," Mohammad Musa, CEO and Founder of Deepen AI. "With our calibration tools, customizable plans and models, enterprises can leverage our years of experience to achieve high-quality automation even for the most complex tasks." — Mohammad Musa, CEO and Co-Founder at Deepen AI

Deepen AI's comprehensive suite of annotation tools not only includes AI-assisted labeling but also offers a range of features designed to enhance productivity and quality assurance. Features such as reporting, task management, and built-in quality assurance workflows empower enterprises to efficiently manage, track, and verify the quality of processed data, supporting their business needs and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Deepen AI's web-based secure tools can be seamlessly deployed on-premise or on the cloud, ensuring compliance with global standards like GDPR. The annotation tools support a wide range of key cases, including 2D and 3D bounding boxes, semantic segmentation, polylines, scenario labeling, and key points annotation.

Deepen AI is already working with some of the largest OEMs and enterprises across the globe. To learn more about Deepen AI's products and services, please visit Schedule a demo by contacting Deepen AI at

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