AI & DATA Consulting Services

High accuracy labelling, Delivered fast

The only safety-first full AI data tool suite for annotation, calibration & validation
Deepen exchange multi-sensor datasets for computer vision training

Support Sensor

Classification, Detection, tracking, and segmentation models across multiple sensors

We support calibrating the commonly used sensors, including camera, LiDAR, Radar, IMU, and calibration of the camera and LiDAR sensors with a vehicle. We'll be adding support to more sensors soon.

Safety pool shared driving and safety data for autonomous vehicle systems
Illustration of Deepen AI multi-sensor calibration system

Conversion system

Format & coordinate system conversion

All our calibration products have advanced visualization features providing a precise visual overview of the calibration accuracy with error metrics.

Quality COntrol

Sensor fusion, localization, calibration, synchronization and debugging data quality

We support managing users seamlessly for the workspace with global and per calibration-level permissions. To suit different needs of individuals and enterprises with Perception Engineers, Managers, and Executives, handling access is supported efficiently.

Illustration of Deepen AI data labeling and calibration tools

Custom Services

Annotation taxonomy, definition, edge case specification, quality assurance framework, and labeling cost reduction

We support all the commonly used calibration solutions in our suite. To enterprises with a custom setup that's not addressed with our calibrate suite, we offer tailored solutions to the needs.


Custom services offered for all data lifecycle management


Same or better accuracy than traditional calibration

  • Sub 1-degree angular error
  • Centimeter-level transfer error
  • Pixel-level re-projection error

Customizable & Scalable

Our web-based calibration solution allows for up-to-date easy scaling across all key calibration types

  • Customizable for all sensors
  • Quick and simple set-up
  • No need of updating expensive hardware every year

Cost Efficiency

Brings down cost by more than 60-70% as compared to traditional calibration

  • Intrinsic calibration
  • Extrinsic calibration
  • Supporting - LiDAR, Camera, Vehicle, IMU, Radar & more

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