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Unlock Innovation with Deepen 4D, Our Highly Accurate and Scalable Multisensor Data Processing Service

Imagine being able to accurately segment long sequences of ground truth LiDAR data, quickly and cost-effectively — what kind of innovation could you build? Our new 4D service can generate massive ground truth from all kinds of multisensor data sets. Creating optimized accurate inference and prediction models is the easy part.

Bring Us Your Use Case

Whether you are building autonomous vehicles or robotics, sophisticated security systems, augmented reality technology, or next-gen healthcare devices, we want to talk to you about how Deepen 4D can help.

Let's Talk

Deepen 4D is great for:

Training perception systems

Detection, Classification, segmentation and tracking.


All the perception and localization algorithms, and sensor fusion systems.

Visualization or Inspection

This level of ground truth makes generating insights from visual analysis much richer


How Deepen 4D Works

1. Talk to us

Talk to our team, tell us about your use case.

2. Send us your data

Send us your full-sequence camera, LiDAR, calibration and localization data. We can handle thousands of frames quickly and easily — don’t hold back.

3. Checks and validation

We’ll do a data integrity check and work with you to ensure your data set is valid and usable.

4. Data processing

We’ll process your data using our unique AI-powered tools and proprietary operations.

5. You’ll get back from us:

  Bounding boxes for all dynamic elements
  Accurate instance segmentation for all points in the sequence
  Accurate semantic segmentation for all points in the sequence.

Data Speaks Louder than Words

Still skeptical about what we can do? Take a look at the following sample data, used to generate the video above.

View Data

Focus on Speed and Safety, Not Annotation Problems

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