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What’s Your Computer Vision Use Case?


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Unmatched AI-Powered Accuracy and Speed

Our unique AI technology makes our tool smarter, which makes your team faster and more accurate. Your labelers will have the benefit of AI-powered suggestions to speed them on their way.

Why Use Deepen 2D

Role-Based Access Controls

With role-based access controls, you can avoid workflow and data conflicts. Your labelers can stay focussed on labeling, and your QA team can stay focussed on verification. 

On-the-fly Class/Attribute Definitions

Discrete label, class, and attribute types can be created in mid workstream, enabling your team to respond to ever-changing requirements without disruption or loss of productivity.

Data Management Made Easy

Managing all your data sets in all their various states is easy, from import to assignment, across your workflow, all the way to QA and export.

Labeling as Easy as Netflix

Deepen 2D is a delivered as a cloud service,* so anyone anywhere can use it. Get started labeling with just a browser and an account. (*But talk to our sales team if you want it on prem or delivered some other way.)

Object-Level Granularity for Optimal Productivity

Your labeling and QA teams works together better when they have object-level granularity. No more rejecting entire images when just one object has a flaw.

Siloed Data Ensures Privacy

Our business model is built around serving you, not using your data to serve other customers. Your data and insights stay siloed, they’ll never be used by others. Our inspiration is Apple, not Facebook.

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